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Every year, a new Young & Hungry List is compiled from across the industry. Voted on by Hollywood’s most influential players, each list spotlights a fresh slate of up-and-coming creatives preparing to take the next step in their careers. Whether it be a newcomer making their first big splash, a sophomore writer coming into their prime, or an established veteran returning to their roots, they all share one thing: the unrelenting drive to make their mark.

See what past Young & Hungry writers have been working on!

For the sixth year in a row, The Tracking Board has searched far and wide to compile the best up-and-coming writers in and out of the industry. All the hot specs on the market, all the recent pick-ups by major talent agencies, and some of the freshest, coolest writing in the business is here in this list. We are proud to share it with you and excited to see what lies ahead for these talented writers.

To access the 2016 Young & Hungry List, click the red links below. The 2016 Young & Hungry List comes in two flavors: Young & Hungry and By The Numbers. The Young & Hungry List contains the information on each writer selected, including projects, bios and rep info. By The Numbers breaks down the successes of agencies and management companies in representing writers who place onto the list.

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